Welcome to the Petey Hacker Wiki.Edit

Welcome to the wiki. This wiki is the home base and headquarters of the "Petey Hacker" and his hacking group, "The Chaos Catastrophes". If you are not part of the Chaos Catastrophes, too late. Your IP has already been registered and added to the Petey Victim List. If I were you, I would sell your computer and buy a new one.

Notable PagesEdit

Here lies a list of pages you should probobly visit (If you're part of the Chaos Catastrophes). Otherwise, you will get put on the "Extream Victim List", which means your computer will get rekt. As in wrecked. As in we-will-delete-your-system-files-type-rekt. As in- oh, you get the point.

Hacking Tutorial Comming Soon
Hacking Files Here
Comming Soon Comming Soon
Comming Soon Comming Soon


Latest activityEdit

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Petey Grove

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